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The Nether Bastion

Retired Set

  • Number 21185
  • Minecraft theme
  • Ages 8+
  • 300 pieces
  • Released 1 August, 2022
  • Retired 31 December, 2023
  • RRP $69.99

Battle your way into the Nether Bastion! Tame a strider and ride it across the lava. Gather nether wart for your potions – but look out! A magma cube is determined to stop you. Next, use your TNT to hold back the Piglin and Piglin Brute while you grab some gold blocks. Then, check out the treasure chest for netherite scrap, iron nuggets and a porkchop before heading back for more adventures!

  • Hands-on, action-packed playset for kids with a passion for Minecraft
  • Includes a nether adventurer, magma cube, piglin brute, piglin and a strider
  • Kids battle and overcome challenges to gather items for even more creative play
  • Birthday, Christmas or any-day gift for Minecraft players aged 8 and over
  • This reconfigurable set easily rebuilds for new adventures
  • An extensive array of authentic accessories inspires imaginative storylines
  • LEGO Minecraft sets give players a hands-on way to enjoy their favourite game
  • LEGO components fulfil stringent industry quality standards
  • LEGO sets satisfy rigorous global safety standards

  • Weight: 0.48 kg
  • EAN: 5702017156637
  • Box Length: 59 mm
  • Box Width: 191 mm
  • Box Height: 354 mm
  • Building instructions

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