Our Commitment to Sustainability

As passionate as we are about LEGO, we appreciate that the products we sell are made of plastic, contain plastic packaging, and are transported using polluting fossil fuels.

We want to work with our customers to do the best we can to offset the carbon footprint we generate. Here's what we're doing:

Selling a product that's going green

The LEGO Group is currently working to find a viable plant-based alternative to its ABS plastic with the aim of complete replacement by 2030. You can read more about it here. In 2018 LEGO released its first "Plants from Plants" set and in 2019 its Ideas Tree House set includes a larger number of plant-based elements.

No plastic in our packaging

When we ship your items there'll be no unnecessary plastic packaging, like bubble wrap or bagged air; nor will we use any styrofoam products. All our packaging is recyclable cardboard and paper and we encourage our customers to put them into their regular recycling bin for collection.

We encourage our customers to drop off the plastic bags from inside LEGO boxes at soft-plastic drop off points.

We're planting trees with every order

We're planting trees right here in New Zealand via Trees That Count. You can track our funding progress on our profile page.