About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to become New Zealand’s leading online LEGO retailer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers discover and purchase LEGO products online and then delight them with an after-sales service experience where only the best is good enough.

Our History

LEGO is our passion, and our obsession.

Hi, we’re Daniel and Anya Williams, and together we own and operate Brick Store, here on Auckland’s North Shore. We’re passionate LEGO fans and have worked hard since 2017 to turn our hobby into a business—one which is now thriving and growing!

As with most people of our generation, we grew up with LEGO and some of our best childhood memories involved hours spent building and playing. Then as adults we rediscovered our love for the brick and once again became obsessed (and this time with an adult-sized budget!)

After running New Zealand's largest web hosting company for 17 years we were up for a new challenge, and wanted to combine our love for LEGO with our love for running businesses—however with LEGO being the prestigious brand that it is, it was obvious that becoming a retail partner was a privilege we needed to earn. So back in 2016 we started purchasing popular LEGO sets with a view to reselling them at a premium upon their retirement. This would allow us to create a business selling LEGO that we could use to demonstrate to The LEGO Group that we could meet their high standards—where only the best is good enough!

After acquiring around 3,000 sets from local retailers and overseas sellers over a 3-year period we officially launched Brick Store in November of 2019 as a specialist seller of retired, hard-to-find sets (such as promotional and region-exclusive.)

After a year of trading as a reseller we decided in January of 2021 that it was the right time to apply to The LEGO Group to become an official retail partner. We’d certainly earned our stripes having shipped over 6,000 orders in a year, and The LEGO Group were more than happy to take us on. As of May 2021 we source all our stock directly from LEGO and we’re New Zealand’s only specialist online LEGO retailer to do so!

Our Values & Ethos

  • We are privileged to be a LEGO partner
  • Under promise, over deliver
  • "Mint condition" matters
  • If we stuff up, we’ll fix it
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Acknowledge and reward our loyal customers
  • Give back to the community 
  • Have fun!

We Love Classic LEGO!

Check out Daniel's lovingly-restored Classic Space display at the 2019 Auckland Brick Show.