Brick by brick: 7 celebrities embracing the joy of LEGO building

LEGO brings out the child in everyone, and there are few things in life that are more endearing than watching a celebrity play with these toys and get enchanted by the masterpieces they have created. Sometimes, even the stars need to unwind! Here's 7 celebs who love LEGO bricks:

1. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a phenomenal musician and singer/songwriter. He has an amazing album titled Equals out right now, and "Bad Habits" is the catchiest tune we've heard in a long time. The music video that accompanies this hit is also masterfully crafted. He once told a story on the Graham Norton show about how LEGO got him in trouble during one of his date nights!

Apparently, this guy really likes The Pirates of the Caribbean theme. It seems that the man enjoys these toys because they allow him to relive his youth.

A lot of us have felt like we never want to grow up, and Ed Sheeran hasn't, but that's exactly what so many of his fans love about the musician.

2. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is a very talented actor who played the lovable but (slightly) idiotic Andy on Parks and Recreation, and is also widely known as the voice actor behind the LEGO Movie's lead character, Emmet Brickowski.

It looks like this guy enjoys playing with LEGO because they're like tiny little characters, and he can create storylines with them. He may also enjoy LEGO toys because some of them are a tribute to his acting.

Jurassic World is the actor's favorite, and it's clear that he enjoys LEGO for storytelling purposes: They're like mini actors and actresses that he has complete control over, so he can create all sorts of tales with his creative brain!

3. Daniel Radcliffe

Almost every Harry Potter fan knows who Daniel Radcliffe is after his larger than life portrayal of the famed main character in J.K. Rowling's series that took the world by storm.

It seems that the actor enjoys building LEGO sets as a respite from the woes of our current situation, as he and his girlfriend picked up the hobby during the pandemic.

That's quite romantic, actually. It's pretty cute that the couple are so fond of one another that they are satisfied building worlds with the Jurassic Park set. Many actors seem to appreciate this one.

4. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is an incredible actor who's played roles in stellar films and movie series such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, and The Outpost. He's also stunningly handsome, in case you hadn't noticed.

The man is an enormous LEGO fan. He told Jimmy Fallon all about it! He actually has quite a generous collection of sets to his name, but some of his favorite themes are Technic and Creator Expert.

He just likes playing with these toys because, well, it's fun. That's a perfectly acceptable reason for us!

5. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is an accomplished actress. She's known far and wide for her roles in films such as Pitch Perfect, Twilight, and Mr. Right. Her favorite is the Star Wars Millennium LEGO set. She likes the toys because she feels like a kid again, and it's helped her have a lot of fun during this rather long pandemic we've all been dealing with. We think she deserves to have some me-time: The woman works really hard.

6. Trey Parker

"I enjoy methodically following the instructions piece by piece - it is therapeutic because it is the only time of the day when I am not creative."
— Trey Parker

Trey Parker does a lot of things: He's a voice actor, writer, producer, composer, director, and actor. He's most well-known for being the co-creator of South Park.

You either love or hate South Park. It takes off-color humour to the extreme and threatens to offend all in its wake—with a wink, of course.

"Sometimes, to get my brain working in a different way, I'd sit there and put LEGOs together. Because you've got an instruction book and you just sit there and you do exactly what something else tells you to do — instead of you having to tell somebody what to do. And that's just therapeutic."
— Trey Parker

LEGO gives Trey Parker a break from the seemingly countless hours he spends staring at his computer screen and tediously editing his work until it shines. These toys also help his brain work differently, which can lead to a more balanced approach when it comes to his writing.

While the man hasn't explicitly stated that he has a favorite set—he simply likes engaging in this hobby to take a break from his creative work—we're guessing he might be particularly fond of our South Park theme!

7. David Beckham

David Beckham is by far one of the world's most famous footballers, having played for Man U, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He's also famously married to former Spice Girl, Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, and the couple have 4 children together.

But David's kids are not the reason he's into LEGO having spent his childhood building, and now tackling some more complex sets, like the Technic Landrover Defender and UCS Millennium Falcon.

So many celebrities enjoy playing with LEGOs and embracing their youthful spirit! Maybe it's not so bad to never grow up after all.

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