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Bag Tag Dragon

Retired Set

  • Number 41939
  • DOTS theme
  • Ages 6+
  • 82 pieces
  • Released 1 August, 2021
  • Retired 31 December, 2021
  • RRP $12.99

Tag your bag and hang out with an awesome dragon! Design the dragon of your dreams using the included tiles to give it fierce or cheeky expressions, yellow spikes and add wings using transparent tiles. Change things up with an Extra DOTS (41931) bag (sold separately). Match your tag’s look or redesign it any time. Use the ring to attach the tag to your bag, outfit or anything else!

  • Inspire portable self-expression with an endlessly customizable bag tag.
  • Stretch design skills with open-ended, arts-and-crafts-inspired creativity.
  • Create designs with the included tiles or add tiles from other toy sets.
  • Thrill fans of arts and crafts with this fun make-your-own-bag-tag kit.
  • Durable design accessory that kids can remake over and over, however they like.
  • Group or solo play and imaginative fun come with every LEGO DOTS set.
  • Kids can explore free self-expression and the joy of LEGO play with DOTS sets.
  • LEGO components meet stringent quality standards, so they work every time.
  • LEGO components meet strict global safety standards.

  • Weight: 0.055 kg
  • EAN: 5702016915341
  • Box Length: 52 mm
  • Box Width: 113 mm
  • Box Height: 78 mm
  • Building instructions

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