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What exactly does IMPERFECT BOX mean?

You might notice some of our sets are marked as "IMPERFECT BOX" in their title. So what does this actually mean about the set and its contents?

An imperfect box is simply a set whose outer cardboard box has been damaged, either because it's been dropped, squashed, or torn.

While you're always welcome to ask us for a photo of an imperfect box before you order, here's some examples of varying degrees of damage.

We also sometimes have a label "HEAVY BOX DAMAGE" which means the cardboard is badly torn or has been water-damaged.

Rest assured, any set marked as imperfect is 100% complete with all its contents complete and sealed.

We often mark imperfect boxes at a lower price than pristine sets.

This set has been lightly squashed, causing the cardboard to buckle.

This set has some minor creasing running down the height of it.

This set simply has shelf-wear that has roughened the corner.

This set has a tear in the corner of the box.

This set suffered water damage and is warped, so the set will be marked "HEAVY BOX DAMAGE."